Petroleum Overview

East Coast Associates assists consulting engineers and end users in the design and specification of petroleum conveyance equipment for retail, commercial and industrial fueling systems. Our expertise in AST / UST systems allow us to direct our customers in the use of environmentally compliant petroleum equipment in designing the storage of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels. Our industry resources allow us to satisfy many different dispensing solutions.


Typical Fuel & Chemical Storage Systems

Fuel Dispensing / Retail / Fleet / Marina Emergency Power Systems / Fuel Fired Boilers Chemical / Alternative Liquids Water Treatment



Proudly Representing

  • Oil Water Separators, Interceptors, Fire Rated AG Storage Tanks, AG & UG Fuel & Water Storage Tanks

  • Day Tanks, Pump Sets, Fuel Conditioning Critical Fuel System Controls & Tank Filling Systems

  • Leak / Level Detection, Control Systems & Fuel Management

  • Flexible / Rigid UL Listed Underground Fuel Piping, Containment Systems, DEF Piping & Flexible Conduit

  • Specialty FRP Containment Systems including Tank Sumps, Transition Sumps, Dispenser Sumps, Entry Fittings & Grade Level Manholes

  • UL Listed Flexible Pipe Connectors

  • Aboveground and Underground Tank Equipment

  • Fuel Polishing, Treatment & Maintenance Systems

  • Power Management & Surge Solutions for Retail / Fleet Fueling

  • Prefabricated, Preinsulated Containment Piping Systems

  • Fuel Island, Sidewalk and Curb Restoration

  • Carbon / Stainless Steel Island Forms, Bumpers and Trench Drain Systems

  • Thread sealants, cutting oils, gas gauging pastes and cleaning chemicals

  • Spill containment and specialty manholes