East Coast Associates, Inc. is a Manufacturers’ Representative agency established in 1993.

With a concentrated influence in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and nationally recognized in the mission critical fuel supply industry, the firm is headquartered in Roseland, NJ.

tankbannerWe partner and work with complementary high quality manufacturers to provide a systems approach to marketing equipment and focus on key end-users and consulting engineers who value a consultative selling style and wish to establish long-term alliances with fuel system and storm water sales professionals. This upfront system specification / design approach allows us to fingerprint our efforts and simultaneously push this business through a reliable distribution network. We remain unique among competing agencies by offering services to principals that are the best in the industry.

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Proudly Representing

  • Oil Water Separators, Interceptors, Fire Rated AG Storage Tanks, AG & UG Fuel & Water Storage Tanks

  • Day Tanks, Pump Sets, Fuel Conditioning Critical Fuel System Controls & Tank Filling Systems

  • Lightweight H-25 perforated plastic storage chambers for stormwater infiltration, detention and retention systems

  • Leak / Level Detection, Control Systems & Fuel Management

  • Flexible / Rigid UL Listed Underground Fuel Piping, Containment Systems, DEF Piping & Flexible Conduit

  • Specialty FRP Containment Systems including Tank Sumps, Transition Sumps, Dispenser Sumps, Entry Fittings & Grade Level Manholes

  • UL Listed Flexible Pipe Connectors

  • Aboveground and Underground Tank Equipment

  • Filter technology for the petroleum, industrial, heavy duty, agricultural, and bio-fuel markets.

  • Vapor recovery hoses, safety breakaways, nozzles, and emission control systems

  • Power Management & Surge Solutions for Retail / Fleet Fueling

  • Fuel Island, Sidewalk and Curb Restoration

  • Carbon / Stainless Steel Island Forms, Bumpers and Trench Drain Systems

  • Thread sealants, cutting oils, gas gauging pastes and cleaning chemicals

  • Spill containment and specialty manholes