Chemical Alternative Liquids

The United States EPA and state regulatory agencies continue to reduce allowable levels of nitrogen from wastewater discharges. As a result, increasing numbers of municipal WWTP’s are now required to provide treatment for removal of nitrogen. Denitrification is the process of removing the nitrogen from the treatment facility discharge through a combination of chemical additives such as methanol.

The EPA has also mandated that all on-road diesel vehicles must reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions. The most widely accepted technology to reduce NOx is to inject DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) into the exhaust of vehicles using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology.

Proper methanol storage for a wastewater treatment plant denitrification system can be challenging for end-users and specifying engineers. Due to the flammability and toxicity of methanol, the storage tank system has to be designed according to appropriate engineering standards and comply with all federal and state code requirements. The materials and method of construction must be compatible with methanol service and factors such as durability and corrosion resistance should be addressed. East Coast Associates can assist in the proper design of filling and storage systems for methanol.

Diesel Exhaust fluid (DEF) is a specific composition of urea and water for use in the US fleet transportation industry. The chemical reaction between DEF and the exhaust eliminates the NOx, resulting in harmless nitrogen and water being released into our atmosphere. DEF, while not a fuel, requires proper storage, conveyance and dispensing in accordance with quickly evolving local and federal codes and regulations.

Chemical Alternative Liquids
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